A Swan, A Scituate, Massachusetts Radio Station and a Dripping Cuban

My favorite investigation so far!

To Seek A Newer World

Love him or hate him, David Atlee Phillips was good at what he did.  Like many in the CIA, David Phillip’s career began after WWII.  He was a gunner in the Army Air Corps, and his plane was shot down leading to his capture(1).  For one year after his capture, Phillips served as the escape committee’s director, helping soldiers escape German captivity, until he eventually escaped himself and reported to General Omar Bradley (2).

Phillips’ career was by all standards a successful one.  He was involved in almost every major event in the Latin American region, rising to the level of Head of the Western Hemisphere.  The biographic profile of Phillips below, demonstrates his desire to be an actor early on in his life.  This career path was derailed by WWII, but those acting skills, the creative mind that wanted to be a part of theater, made…

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