Stairs Witnesses

Depository Employee List

Avery Davis (steps)

JE Dean(steps)

Ruth Dean (steps)

Buell Wesley Frazier

Bill Lovelady (steps)

Judy McCully (steps)

Joe Molina (steps)

Madie Bell Reese (steps)

RA Reid (steps)

William H. Shelley (steps)

HG Whitaker (steps)

Roy Truly

OV Cambell

Arnold Louis Rowland

James Richard Worrell

Charles Hester

Bonnie Ray Williams

Linnie May Randall

Otis Williams

Jack E. Dougherty

Edna Case

James Earl Jarman

Charles Douglas GIvens

Robert E. Edwards

Edna Case

Amos Lee Euins

John Stevens

R. Lawrence

Geneva Hine

Ruth Nelson

Ronald B. Fischer

Vickie Adams

Danny Garcia Acre

Eddie Piper

Pat Lawerence

Virgie Mae Rackley

Edna Case

Mary Hollies


One thought on “Stairs Witnesses

  1. Here’s the answer from the President of the Oswald Innocence Campaign, Ralph Cinque, on a direct question from me about this, on the AAJ forum, Feb. 15th, 2015:

    “1. It was a Stalinist, show-trial investigation, and anyone trying to claim Oswald in the doorway would have been silenced- one way or another.

    2. All of the doorway occupants were severely intimidated. The only brave one among them was Lovelady, who drew an arrow to another figure to indicate himself in the Altgens photo.

    3. Oswald told police that he was “out with Bill Shelley in front”

    The Oswald Innocense Campaign and Ralph Cinque are not to be taken seriously – about anything related to the JFK assassination.

    /Glenn Viklund


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