Altgens – 6 Guess What? It Is Lovelady not Oswald!


There is no credible evidence that Billy Lovelady was not the man photographed in the famous photograph known as Altgens-6.  This photograph was taken just after the second shot was fired at President Kennedy.  The President’s hands are up around his throat indicating he had been hit.  What many people who claim Lee Harvey Oswald was innocent have clung to over the years, is that it was Lee Harvey Oswald on the steps of the Book Depository in the background . They are grasping at straws and to sustain this theory requires great magic tricks.

Here are the police reports, including the statements, and the affidavits of the people who were indeed present on the steps.  You can read them for yourselves, or you can take my word, that not one single person who was present on the steps, mentions Lee Harvey Oswald being there.  I place these links here to allow the first hand witnesses be heard above the noise of the people who profess falsehoods in their attempts to erase the historical record showing no care or concern for the truth.

Avery Davis (steps)

Ruth Dean (steps)

Buell Wesley Frazier (steps)

Bill Lovelady (steps)

Judy McCully (steps)

Joe Molina (steps)

Madie Bell Reese (steps)

RA Reid (steps)

William H. Shelley (steps)

Finally, I leave you with the FBI report from 1964 when this was first investigated.  Those who continue to cling to this fallacy caused it to be investigated by the House Select Committee on Assassinations in 1977.  The Committee came to the same conclusion that Billy Lovelady was on the steps.

Commission Document 457 – FBI Letter from Director of 09 Mar 1964 with Attachments

Matt “The Hitman”  Scheufele

“Hitman” name given to me by Ralph Cinque) Oswald in the Doorway: The Blog of the Oswald Innocence Campaign, Written by Ralph Cinque

2 thoughts on “Altgens – 6 Guess What? It Is Lovelady not Oswald!

  1. Good line up of the witnesses in the doorway, I wrote something similar in my blog last summer, Cinque’s answer? Liars!

    Some of these researchers will never let go of this, no matter what.

    Here’s Fetzer, Rivera et al, just a couple of days ago:

    [audio src="" /]

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