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Winston Scott, Mexico City Chief of Station, November 23, 1963 (1)

Winston Scott2
Winston Scott (2)

Sometime this past August I began a project that I think will benefit the entire research community.  I hope to complete it before the new year.  In the work that I have done, I came across a document that I felt may open up doors for us getting to the truth in Mexico City.  Others have identified this document in their work, but for me, it was new and fresh and raises many questions.  Sometimes, renewed examination can spur on research being conducted by others in the community.

The document indicates that the President of Mexico (Litensor)Adolfo Lopez Mateos (3) met with Winston Scott, CIA Station Chief, on November 23, 1963.  Scott states in this cable to CIA that he thought the meeting would be about the President of Mexico expressing his condolences.  It turns out, the meeting was to provide the CIA with information about Lee Harvey Oswald’s phone call to the Cuban embassy on September 28, 1963. (4)  The interesting part about this cable is that there was nothing in the  September 28, 1963 phone calls that identified Oswald.   Why did the president bring this phone call to Scott’s attention and not the calls that were made later, in which the caller identified himself as Oswald?  Why did Winston Scott himself close out the cable stating the importance of this information?

Not only was the Mexican government on top of the phone calls, they were also following up on leads, further indicating that they were moving faster than the CIA in following up on the Oswald story in Mexico City.  At 5PM on November 23 the same day Scott met with the president, the CIA had to cancel its surveillance of KGB Agent Valerie Kostikov because they were bumping into Mexican Secret Service Agents already on the job.  It was clear that the Mexican Government was working off of the same tapes of the LIENVOY operations.  In addition, the cable makes special note that the CIA had not told the Mexican authorities about Kostikov and the fact that he had met with Oswald. (5)

This raises a number of questions.  The Lienvoy operation, as detailed by Bill Simpich in his book, State Secret (6), was a joint operation between the United States and Mexico.  It should have been obvious to the President of Mexico that the United States would have had access to the information about the phone call.  Why did he think it important enough to have a face to face meeting with Scott?  Why did they use such an important channel to communicate this information?

There are further questions that come to mind when referring to this information.  We know that recordings were made by the United States and that testimony indicates they were erased prior to the assassination. This is a huge controversy! Were they erased?  Were they not erased?  Did the Mexican government also posses tapes?  Was the Mexican government running their own operations independent of the CIA?  There has to be an explanation for the fact that the President of Mexico delivered this message!

The CIA agents from Mexico City claimed that the tapes were erased, yet there is evidence that FBI Agents heard the tapes and reported it was not Oswald.  This controversy has NEVER been satisfactorily answered for many researchers.  I contend that both are possible to be accurate when taking into consideration that the Mexican government clearly had access to the recordings as well based on this documented cable.  It is possible that the CIA told the truth, they did erase the tapes and that the tapes that the FBI listened to came from the Mexican government. Hoover certainly had his own connections in Mexico City and if the Government of Mexico had tapes, they certainly would not have wanted this information out there.  It would also make sense, that they would not ever have admitted that the Mexican government was working on them with the wiretapping project.

The final piece to this document is the routing slip that I have located for the cable.  It indicates that Winston Scott may have created a memorandum about his contact with the President of Mexico.  If there is a memorandum, I have not been able to locate it.  It most certainly would contain more information about this cable, and add clarity to the conversation about the wiretap.


My hope is that with all of the outstanding researchers in the community, that maybe we can find the memo the Scott wrote about this interaction.  In addition, are there people out there, who know how to access information from the Mexican government?  Do they still possess the tapes or the transcripts?  Did they have other information that we are not aware of that would be beneficial in our search for the truth?  There is evidence that they were moving faster than our own CIA in the investigation of Oswald in Mexico City.  Did they run an investigation of him at the time of Oswald’s visit?  Have we truly explored all of the avenues including those independent of our own government archives?  I am wondering what Adolfo Lopez Mateos had in his own files about what transpired between himself and Win Scott.

I apologize for the questions throughout the blog today, as they have been bottled up inside of me for months.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Matt “Hitman” Scheufele 11/26/2015

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