The Vindication Series

This is the home page for my work investigating the “Oswald Mythology” created by Judyth Vary Baker starting in her book, Me & Lee How I Came to Know, Love and Lose Lee Harvey Oswald.  This mythology is a threat to the historical record, clouding the truth, in an age when the internet allows the spread of this mythology with an instant click of the button.  I do believe Ms. Baker knew Lee Harvey Oswald.  It ends there because what truth there may have once been in her story, it is forever tainted by her attempt to create the “Oswald Mythology”  rendering her unbelievable in the eyes of truth seekers of the horrible events of November 1963.

Vindication for Kerry Thornley, Matthew “The Hitman” Scheufele,  January 2015

Primary Sources Continue to Vindicate Kerry Thornley, Matthew “The Hitman” Scheufele, February 2015

Equal Time for Kerry Thornley, Adam Gorightly  on Kerry Thornley, February 2015

Vindication for Eric Rogers, Matthew “The Hitman” Scheufele, April 2015

Vindication for Sylvia Duran, Matthew “The Hitman” Scheufele August 2015

Vindication for Mexico City, Matthew “The Hitman” Scheufele September  2015

Vindication for JD Tippit, Matthew “The Hitman” Scheufele September  2015

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